Welcome to the 2020 Tannenbaum 10k & Beyond!

A BRC Running Series Virtual Event

Official date: Saturday December 5th to Sunday December 13th*
You can run and enter your time on any day in December, 2020**
**Individual and team prizes will be calculated on results entered within this time period.
** For prizing, your results & entries must be accompanied with proof of run. ie, Garmin, Runkeeper, Strava or similar web link.

This is NOT just another Virtual Run, this one is for the great cause of supporting Community Centre 55’s ever so important “SHARE A CHRISTMAS” program. They are in dire need of our help this year with Covid having severely affecting their annual fundraising levels. This run is also for everyone, at any running level, to challenge themselves to do something a little different, and share their stories with us and the running community.

Our goal is normally to raise $10,000 in online donations, on top of what can can provide from registration fees, after all expenses are take care of. We usually are able to contribute $25,000+. This year however, as it is a Virtual Race, we do not expect as many people to sign up so it will be hard to meet these goals. Please, do what you can, give what you can so that the charity can do what the can to continue to provide for the less fortunate and elderly this holiday season.

BRC Running Series branded Lightweight Hoodies for all 10k and “10k & Beyond” participants. These are lighter than our previous cotton hoodies. They are a comfortable long sleeve t-shirt material with a hood.


Awesome medals for all participants!



  • Run the Superkids 1k and get a “Tannenbaum 10k & Beyond” medal!
  • Choose the Standard 10k and receive our awesome medal and a lightweight long sleeve hoodie
  • Run “The Beyond”. Choose a running goal, one beyond anything you have already achieved. Maybe it’s your first ever run, or first 5k. Or how about 25k, or maybe your first 100km month, your first 100km week, your first time running more than 3 days a week, your first time running 30 days in a row, or even your first run after many years off…etc. You get the point. You set a goal and reach it in support of yourself, and Community Centre 55’s Share a Christmas program. Submit an email and we will add your event/story/photo to our website with prizes for the best stories!

Some things don’t change. This is still a fun festive 10k race in support of Community Centre 55’s Share a Christmas program. It’s still Toronto’s FAVE 10k!


  • Shirts and Medals will be made available for pickup in early December from a location in the Beaches area. Exact dates and times still to be determined.
  • Shirts and Medals can be mailed to you for a fee of $15 per participant.
  • There will NOT be bibs supplied for this event, however, we will send out a PDF of our 2020 bib to all participants so you have the option to print it out to wear for your run.
  • As this is a Virtual Run, we will not meet at our usual spot but you are encouraged to grab a few friends, run ‘Socially Distanced’ and get a good group photo. There will be prizes for the best photos and random draw prizes for every one that sends in a photo entry.
  • Be sure to allow emails from us [ ] so we can continue to communicate updates to you. Also keep your eye on our Facebook page for notes, updates and reminders.

Thank you for your support and your patience with our diminished BRC Running Series of 202. We aim to grow back to and beyond what we were in 2019. We’re just happy to see the running community staying so strong!

Best regards,

The BRC Crew