2019 Teams Results

Congrats to our Top Teams! Not all teams are listed here. Only the top scoring teams from each club, per category (The weather saw lots of teams become ineligible (min 4 per team) Top Mixed Teams View Larger Top Women's Teams View Larger Top Men's Teams View Larger For Full List of Team results, click hereTo view all teams click here Top Fundraisers - All eligible for some BRC SWAG (This will be shipped out to you) Top Team - Club Presence award This year, the award goes to .... it's a tie!…Read more

Tannenbaum 10K History

Why are we called Tannenbaum? It’s simple, and here’s why, and it has nothing to do with the famous Toronto Tanenbaum family! Word Origin – noun, plural Tannenbäume [tah-nuh n-boi-muh] English, Tannenbaums. German. 1. a Christmas tree. Origin of Tannenbaum literally, fir tree You see, our 1st race was in late December 2005, right near Christmas. But of course, we are supporters of all faiths and holidays! 'How it all began' Tannenbaum was created bc there was a need for a 10k race LATE in December! The last Beaches Running Room 10k clinic…Read more

Superkids Fun Run Details

AGAIN THIS YEAR - 1km KIDS FUN RUN! Price, only $15 and all runners receive a medal and a treat bag after the race. Limited to 100 runners. We're really looking forward to our 3rd annual Superkids 1k Fun Run. 9:20 am start. Route: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/929987291 FAQs FOR BRC Superkids 1K Fun Run • What time does it start? -  9:20 am - sharp! • How far is the run? - It is 1km - 500m to the Olympic Pool and back – running east along the multi-purpose path • What is the age for Superkids? - Under 12 is…Read more