Tannenbaum 10K History

Why are we called Tannenbaum?

It’s simple, and here’s why, and it has nothing to do with the famous Toronto Tanenbaum family!

Word Origin – noun, plural Tannenbäume

[tah-nuh n-boi-muh] English, Tannenbaums. German.
1. a Christmas tree.
Origin of Tannenbaum
literally, fir tree

You see, our 1st race was in late December, right near Christmas. But of course, we are supporters of all faiths and holidays!

One of the original Race Directors, Rina, has written a post:

‘How it all began’

Tannenbaum was created bc there was a need for a 10k race LATE in December! The last Rbeaches Running Room 10k clinic of the year never had a goal race. There are a few 5k races throughout the city in Dec, but 10k? Nope!
It was a great way to get the whole neighbourhood involved!
One of our first donation requests was for a case of bananas from valuemart!
It’s obviously come a long way from bananas!
Between Janice and myself we would
Bake cookies for the finish line too. We’d never be able to do that now!

Our very first race we were hoping for 60 participants. My memory is fuzzy but I believe we had about 40?

The medal for the first 2 years was designed by Kristie Vinet. She captured the lifeguard house and boardwalk on it beautifully. We couldn’t afford to pay her so she received payment in the form of one race entry and of course a medal at the finish line!

Year 2 – The huge snowstorm
We had about 80-100 people registered and I remember feeling really nervous in being responsible for that many people (so you are TOTALLY rocking the 1000 people Dave!)
Because of the HUGE snowstorm we had less than 20 participants show up and most of our volunteers were snowed in and couldn’t make it (including a Sarah Emilio!)
We still continued on and everyone had a blast. Even if the peanut was totally whited out and you couldn’t see your tracks or where you were going.

The race was clock timed the first 2 years, then became chip timed I believe in year 3 or 4.

Thanks Rina!

So, the race has naturally grown over the years, with other original co-race-director Janice Trip and her son Rob, working hard to promote and grow the race. It became too much for their small team so it was handed over to Duff McLaren and myself and our crea of Beaches Runners Club members whom have been able to continue to grow the race to what it is today.

The 10th Anniversary is looking to be another hit, and just so you know, the plansc for Version 11 in 2016 are going to knock your compression socks off!