FAQs & Info for the 2020 Tannenbaum 10k


  • How do I submit my time? Here is the link to do so. It is set up to be pretty self explanatory. Here’s the link to submit your results:
    Tannenbaum Results Form
  • How do I get my shirt and medal? If you purchased the mail out option when registering, then you will get it in the post soon. The medals just arrived so we were a bit delayed sending them out. They have gone to the post office today so you should receive yours within a week or so depending on where you live.Here are options for those that chose to pick up from us:
    When: Sunday December 6th, Noon to 3pm, or Saturday December 12th noon to 3pm, or Sunday December 13th noon to 3pm. We will be by the Pavillion by the lake. Look for our BRC tent.
    Where: Lee Ave, where the Tannenbaum 10k usually starts. Use google maps and search for 1 Alfresco Lawn Toronto and you will be guided to the correct spot.
    Alternatively, you may come anytime between now and December 30 for porch pick up. at my address – 1 Lakehurst Drive Scarborough. Near Kingston Rd and Birchmount.
    PLEASE NOTE:  You must fill out the form to let us know your choice. You may change your decision but we would like to get an idea of where and when you would like to get your package.

    Fill out the form here:


    PLEASE check the confirmation list to make sure you know whether you need to go to one of our package pickups or whether you’re receiving yours in the post. Here’s the link to that list:
    Tannenbaum Confirmation List

  • When do I run? Anytime you want in the month of December. If you wake up and it’s snowing or freezing, feel free to wait a day or 2. That’s probably the best part of Tannenbaum 2020 being Virtual.
  • We have made a bib for you to print out at home. We recommend covering it in Clear Packing Tape or a Freezer bag. We left a space for you to write in your name if you so wish. You can download the bib file here: https://bit.ly/t-10k-bib
  • How do I submit my time? Here is the link to do so. It is set up to be pretty self explanatory. Here’s the link to submit your results:
    Tannenbaum Results Form
  • We want to see your photos. Share with us, your run, before, after, both. We want to see you and your crew (socially distanced of course) celebrating the 2020 Tannenbaum 10k, since we can’t do it in person, let’s find some way to share the event together. The link to post your photos is here:
    Tannenbaum 10k Photo Uploads

Save this email or refer to www.tannebaum10k.com when you’re ready to enter your results and photos. If I missed anything you are wanting to know, let me know and I will try to answer your questions. Just reply to this email.

I will leave you with this. We asked our runners to share their goals for the ’10k and beyond’ category. This was one of the standouts. Keep your eye on our Facebook pages as we’ll share them all over the next couple of weeks.

“I am running with a goal of 10K for every month, that myself and my amazing Public Health colleagues have been redeployed to support COVID-19 which would make my goal 100km over the week (10 months of redeployment). We have been told that our work is a marathon, not a sprint and with a finish line that is yet undetermined. So I run for my colleagues, and our families who continually support us to support the health of our communities during this time – most especially senior’s.”

~ Anonymous

Oh, one more thing. I must share this update on the fantastic results from our online fundraising. Centre 55 needs us more than ever, and with a year where our numbers are way down, we cannot give them the proceeds we normally could. We have encouraged fundraising and it has worked. We have surpassed last years online fundraising amounts even though we have less than a third of the participants. Thanks so much to those participating. Every race entry and every donation helps immensely!

And this is fun; we have a husband and wife battle going on for the top two spots. As of writing this, BRC Members Nir and Julie Meltzer are leading the way with record numbers for individual fundraising. Nir has garnered a lot of attention and donations as he is running 55k for Centre 55, on his 55th Birthday ON CHRISTMAS DAY! What champs! Who will win this bid for top spot? Go Meltzers Go!

For info on Teams, click here

Official date: Saturday December 5th to Sunday December 13th*
You can run and enter your time on any day in December, 2020**
**Individual and team prizes will be calculated on results entered within this time period.
** For prizing, your results & entries must be accompanied with proof of run. ie, Garmin, Runkeeper, Strava or similar web link.

This is NOT just another Virtual Run, this one is for the great cause of supporting Community Centre 55’s ever so important “SHARE A CHRISTMAS” program. They are in dire need of our help this year with Covid having severely affecting their annual fundraising levels. This run is also for everyone, at any running level, to challenge themselves to do something a little different, and share their stories with us and the running community.

BRC Running Series branded Lightweight Hoodies for all 10k and “10k & Beyond” participants. These are lighter than our previous cotton hoodies. They are a comfortable long sleeve t-shirt material with a hood.




  • Run the Superkids 1k and get a “Tannenbaum 10k & Beyond” medal!
  • Choose the Standard 10k and receive our awesome medal and a lightweight long sleeve hoodie
  • Run “The Beyond”. Choose a running goal, one beyond anything you have already achieved. Maybe it’s your first ever run, or first 5k. Or how about 25k, or maybe your first 100km month, your first 100km week, your first time running more than 3 days a week, your first time running 30 days in a row, or even your first run after many years off…etc. You get the point. You set a goal and reach it in support of yourself, and Community Centre 55’s Share a Christmas program. Submit an email and we will add your event/story/photo to our website with prizes for the best stories!

» Read our Tannenbaum 10k History Lesson

Again, this year, the race will send all proceeds to Centre 55 Share a Christmas Program. We’ve been raising funds for their program for the past 15 years!

For more information on Community Centre 55 please click here: www.Centre55.com

PLLEASE IGNORE BELOW INFO FOR 2020 – saving this for future use 🙂

The Tannenbaum 10k is a flat fast and very festive race in the heart of Toronto’s Beach neigbourhood. Come run with Santa and his helpers along the Martin Goodman Trail. This year’s event is shaping up to be Toronto’s most enjoyable 10k event of the year – again! This race continues to be fun, and friendly and a great value.

(map below)

From the QEW

Take the QEW until it ends and becomes Lakeshore Dr. Follow Lakeshore Drive and it will curve around and become Woodbine ave. At Queen St, turn right (east) and follow along for about 6 block until you come to Lee ave. Make a right and the Start / Finish is at the foot of Lee.

From the DVP

You can either follow the DVP all the way south to Lakeshore drive and then follow that around as per the above directions via QEW. Or you can get off at Don Mills rd south. Take that to Oconnor and then go left (east) to Woodbine. Turn righ (south) on Woodbine and follow until you come to Queen St. Go left (east) until you come to Lee ave.

From the East
Either take the 401 to the DVP and follow the directions above, or take Kingston Rd until you come to Lee avenue (6 blocks west of Victoria Park. go left (south) until you come to Queen. Park or continue south to drop off runners first etc.
The Start / Finish is at the foot of Lee ave. There are a couple of “Green P” Parking lots in the area. One is at Lee and Queen and another a few blocks east, north off Queen at Hammersmith Ave. Street parking is sparse and limited but you will be able to find some on Queen St and all of the surrounding streets. Queen St parking is free until 1pm on Sundays.

Start Finish Area

There will be a baggage check area and washrooms nearby. The Start finish is at the foot of Lee ave. Lee ave is about 6 blocks east of Woodbine and can be accessed off of Queen St.

There is a Tim Horton’s located at Queen St just west of Lee Ave, one block north of the Start/Finish. Several other coffee establishments are located nearby as well.


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Why are we called Tannenbaum?

It’s simple, and here’s why:

Word Origin – noun, plural Tannenbäume

English, Tannenbaums. German.
1. a Christmas tree.
Origin of Tannenbaum
literally, fir tree

You see, our 1st race was in late December, right near Christmas. But of course, we are supporters of all faiths and holidays!

We ask that you refrain from running with your dog. Strollers are discouraged but if you start at the end of the pack and do not pass other runners unless there is ample room, we won’t take issue. Please be aware of the other runner’s space. The route follows some narrow paths.